The timing and excitement of a ground-floor opportunity, but with the safety of an established company.  Scroll down to learn more…

We are Youngevity Services.


We are a brand new division of an already successful, well-established direct sales company. 

Just this year, Youngevity decided to expand into the services space.   By offering both home and business services, we believe we can attract an additional segment of home-based business owners who prefer to market services over products.  

It all began 20 years ago, when our founder, Dr. Joel Wallach, decided to launch a heath crusade.  He discovered the need for us all to consume 90 essential nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids each day to thwart off disease.  At the time, this information was controversial and health supplements didn’t offer the 90 essentials Dr. Wallach discovered.

Thus began Dr. Wallach’s groundbreaking new approach to the human body—proving that nutrition has a profound effect on our overall well-being. He knew to accomplish this mission, he would have to lead a health education crusade, via an army of home-based business owners offering his products.  His lecture, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” is one of the most popular recorded health lectures of all time.

Youngevity has been very successful and is currently doing sales in excess of $150m annually.  We are a publicly traded company (Nasdaq:YGYI), and have tens-of-thousands of distributors marketing our products.

Over time, Youngevity began to acquire other direct sales (Multi-level marketing) companies with unique product offerings to expand beyond nutrition, into skin care, jewelry, etc.  We have acquired over 20 companies in the last 20 years.

The decision was made in 2017 to launch and lead a brand new services division.  Youngevity’s CEO, Steven Wallach, contacted our now VP of Global Services, David Rutz to consider the opportunity of launching the division.

David was running his own company at the time, David Allen Capital, Inc (DAC) marketing loans and capital to small business owners.  Youngevity offered to acquire DAC, to continue marketing the business capital, and retain David to lead the new Division.  David enthusiastically accepted the challenge.

David has a track record of successfully launching and leading direct selling service companies.  He brings to Youngevity Services those valuable experiences, as well as his passion and experience helping individuals succeed in their own home-based business.

In addition to offering DAC’s small business funding, we have also expanded into other business and home services.

We have a belief that we can make a major impact in people’s lifestyles by offering a FREE income opportunity for anyone, regardless of where they come from or what experience they have, to achieve success with us.

As David Rutz said, “Many want the upside potential of business ownership, but cannot afford to start a company or cannot quit their jobs to build a new business.  We deliver all the upside potential benefits of business ownership without any of the barriers to entry and without having to quit your job”.

We are FREE to start, and we encourage everyone start part-time, retaining their current job and income.

We simply offer a savings on services people are already using, or introduce new services that bring value to their business or home.  We believe in providing great services at the best prices, and in taking care of our customers with amazing customer service.  When we do that, customers stay with us long-term and our reps earn month after month.

We provide our reps with a compensation plan offering both large up-front client bonuses, as well as long-term monthly residual income for the life of the customer. We even offer our reps with the ability to recruit and build their own team and earn on the team’s production.

We provide training, tools, and support so a new rep does not have to guess their way to success.

Our vision is simple: We are on a crusade to help our reps attain debt freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom.  

If this feels right to you, we would love to have you as a part of our team.